Sapphire (emcee)

Start time - Sunday, 3pm ET / noon Pacific (try to be there by ~11:45 Pacific for platform entry check and soundcheck)

Because there will be more guest emcees than admin slots, we have to make a generic "admin" account for you to use to access and have emcee privileges.

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Email to enter:

Password: NotCheating0128!

Pre-start of show notes:

1) Make sure "Rec" button (in bottom right of the pre-show window) is set to "on" (should be in green)

2) If a presenter is having an issue with their audio and/or video, ask them to refresh their connection. If issues persist, please reach out to Ryan (castaway) and Miss Nookie.
2a) If there is enough time, we can also advise them to go to Airmeet 24/7 Live Help ("?")

3) At your appointed start time (assuming your presenter and you are ready to go), press the "Start Session" button. That button will start a countdown and open up your room to attendees.
3a) Once that countdown finishes, attendees will start to file in. For the next five minutes, welcome folks as they come in, inform them that the class will start proper in "a few minutes", ask them if they can hear you.
3b) Inform the chat of a) the open chatspace (leftmost tab), the Q&A tab to the immediate right (for all of their questions during the class), and the emoticon button below.

4) There is no "start record" button. Once ready, just start your intro.



Welcome to the It's Not Cheating weekend, hosted by Dating Kinky/Curiouser.

My name is Mehgan Sapphire, and I will be your emcee. It is my pleasure to be your moderator for a discussion on the topic of Swinging.

After the presentation, we will leave room at the end of the allotted time for questions from the attendees. However, you do not have to wait until the end to ask - we absolutely welcome all of your questions, comments, and overall engagement throughout the show.


(Feel free to conduct this part however you like - the below is just an example)

And now we'll go around the horn and introduce the panelists.

*Mizzy Bender Intro*

*Glidewynd Intro*

*Mistress Schari Intro*

Ok, let's get started!


And that is going to do it for this panel!

Thank you for spending a part of your Saturday afternoon with us and taking time to learn more about Communication in Nonmonogamy.

Please give my fellow panelists a round of applause, and make sure to friend/follow/connect with them.

Their links are in the chat.   **post them in the chat**

Mizzy Bender


Mistress Schari

I have a few announcements to make about upcoming events and some cool things we're doing here at DK.

There is a class that is just underway, starting at 2pm ET, it's Reclamation of the Word "SLUT", with Priestess Aine (An-yah) and Salacious Scarlet.

And the next class on this stage will be starting up at 3pm ET, where Asher Saiz will be presenting "Why I Left Monogamy".



Something in your own words about Dating Kinky and/or Miss Nookie.


And now a few general announcements:

If anyone has any feedback for the Not Cheating event, whether it be general or specific, please contact us at Dating Kinky here:

Want to help Dating Kinky do and be more? Volunteer your skills to our kinky cause! Use the link in chat to let us know what you can do.

And last, but not least, if you'd like to present on a topic that you're passionate about, please let us know! We'd love to have you. We're looking for presenters related to all kinds of kink, and always looking to fill guest spots on nonmonogamy, communication, submission, FemDom, and we're always on the lookout for authors for our Book Club.

Join our kinky rolodex, and we'll get in touch!

Thank you again for joining us!. It's been a pleasure having you here, and we hope to see you in more presentations and social events this weekend.