Dig deeper into your ideas about nonmonogamy than ever before with five days of discussions and prompts to get you thinking about, talking about, and negotiating your BEST nonmonogamous relationships, ever! 

The FIVE major obstacles

There are FIVE topics in nonmonogamy that can easily trip up even the most seasoned relationshipper, causing pain, frustration, and quite often, breakups. 

And yes, they are related to the way we are raised and socialized in a monogamous society, but they actually go way deeper than that.

Because everyone ethically nonmonogamous person I know also knows that monogamy is broken, too. How we've been taught to live, love, and relate to each other is profoundly flawed. 

In this 5-Day challenge leading into our It's Not Cheating Weekend, I'll share with you the secrets I've found for healthy loving relationships, reducing drama and conflict, and living your most authentic life.

Day 1: Labels, labels, who's got the labels?

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Swinger and Pimper.
Understanding where you fit on the varied world of nonmonogamy AND communicating that with your partners can be a challenge. 

On Day 1, we'll define some common terms in nonmonogamy and discuss overlaps and common misconceptions in labeling. We'll look at some of the mental traps we can trip navigating nonmonogamous relationships and the way we use words. 

We'll examine how you identify and what you're curious about, and give you tools on talking with your partner(s) about how they identify, and what they might be curious about (and why it matters).

Day 2: Let's Open! Stepping into new nomonogamy and expanding existing relationships.

Keys (To Opening The Relationship)
Change is HARD, y'all! 

I'm pretty sure that everyone can imagine that opening a relationship for the first time can be difficult, but so is adding a new partner to an established lifestyle, or restarting nonmonogamy when you've been mostly monogamous for a while (for reasons)

What do you want to be thinking about and aware of in yourself and your partners as you move forward and grow? 

In Day 2, we'll deep dive into that transition period, discuss NRE (New Relationship Energy), scheduling, and more.

Day 3: The Green-Eyed Monster!

Ant-Human Monster with green eyes saying, "I really REALLY don't like this..."
It wouldn't surprise me if you were scanning down the page for this. Probably 80% of you were, either consciously or not. 


Because Jealousy is a BFD (Big F*cking Deal). It hurts. 

Worse, it seems like the message is that if you get jealous, you're a bad person. 

That couldn't be further from the truth. You're also not 'less advanced,' or anything like that. You're human. And ALL of us have our challenges. 




Day 3 is going to be about jealousy in nonmonogamy. Not about how to get rid of it (although you may!), but about why we get jealous and how to make friends with your jealousy (give that monster a hug), so that you don't feel at war with yourself, your partner, or your partner's partners!

Day 4: Compersion: A Magic Pill?

It's not all it's cracked up to be...

It's even more, in some ways! 
A bottle and pills with the words, "Will compersion cure my...?"
Compersion seems to be touted as the "Holy Grail" of nonmonogamy.

"Poppycock!" I say.

It's not a panacea. It's not a solution to jealousy. Humans are amazing creatures, we can be both compersive AND jealous at the same time! 

Compersion, though, is pretty awesome, and there are many types of compersion. 

During Day 4 we'll discuss how you can explore compression for happier you, happier partners, and happier (and less stressful) relationships of ALL kinds—even if you've never really understood it before!

Day 5: The BEST Rules for Nonmonogamy!

A raccoon laying on a wooden sign that says, "RACCON'S RULES"
Rules RULE! LOL! 

Rules in relationships have fallen out of favor. 

"Boundaries aren't rules!" (TRUE) 
"It's not ethical to put rules on others!" (TRUE) 

Going against some of the common wisdom out there, on Day 5 I'll share what rules are helpful for nonmonogamous relationships—even super-healthy! 

I'll give tips on what they mean, joyful negotiatiing, and more.

Without a good foundation, nomonogamy will fail.
That's a

Heck, without a good foundation, every relationship will fail—and you know this. You've seen it, and you've been through it. 

Just FIVE DAYS with me could change your life, your love, and your relationships. 

In fact, I'm sure that it will. 

In less than a week, you'll find yourself looking at your relating in a whole new way, and finding it easier to love hard and authentically in the many ways you do. 

It's FREE. 

It won't even cost you 1¢.

It's free. 

Doesn't mean it won't cost you, though. 

You know that all change and growth has a cost. In this case, I'm asking for your time, your attention, and your effort to make a few simple changes for yourself and the people you love. 

Is that too much to ask? 

You decide. 

I hope you'll join me. I'm looking forward to sharing how I've used these five foundations to build an amazing life filled with love and connections that fill me up every day. 

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