Psst. Hey, hey you. Guess what?

It’s Not

It’s ethical (consensual) non-monogamy. And it’s fun. More, it’s deeply intimate, it’s loving, and it just makes more sense to some of us. This is the event for that some.

June 13-14

Two days full of webinars, talks, workshops and more—all about nonmonogamy. Presenters from around the world share their perspectives with YOU.

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It's about love.

And sex. And everything in between. Whatever your flavor of nonmonogamy (as long as it’s ethical), we welcome you.


Multiple Viewpoints

Years of experience, doctorates, published authors, and amazing creative people share their success with you.


Just Press Play

Actually, just show up. It’s FREE to as many as 500 people who join us live! No email registration or payment required. 




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